What Is "IKBS"
Cold Rolling
Ikoma and Korth

Step 1:

Everything you need other than the folder is a vise, a nut or washer (a double sided adhesive tape helps a lot as you will see on the further steps) and a set of steel balls ( I use a set of 52100 balls, they are cheaper, harder and there is no need to use the more expensive 440C ones now).
Don't use washers or stop pins now, they will just limit the blade movement. The back spacer doesn't need to be the a real one, you just need something with the same thickness to hold the folder together :

Step 2:

Assemble the folder with IKBS, the way you are used to (no washers and stop pins) :

Step 3:

Stick the nut or washer around the pivot screw ( I've told you the double sided tape would come in handly
) , it will prevent the jaws of the vise to damage the screw and it will also prevent the vise from pressing the screw against the pivot, what may force the pivot's thread, not a good idea, I don't protect the other end of the pivot because I will ground it anyway:

Step 4:

Place the folder in the vise in a way it allows the maximum blade movement freedom, the more you can move the blade the better, press the vise VERY lightly, you will get the feel for it soon, but it is better to go easy until you learn how much pressure you need, I lightly tap the vise handle and move the blade while tapping to make sure I am not over tightening the vise:

Step 5:

Move the blade back and forth ( 20 / 30 cycles must be OK) and the balls will roll and start to dig the new race, try to move the blade the more you can, this will help making a more uniform race. 
In the first time you roll the race you will probably feel some bumps and you will also feel that the balls digs easily in the Ti, tighten the vise a bit more and repeat the Step 5, you will notice it gets more difficult to tighten the vise and you won't feel the bumps anymore, do it 2 or 3 more times and then take the folder out of the vise and check for blade play, the blade play means the balls dug in the races and you may have successfully cold rolled your IKBS:

Here is a pic of how it should look, you can clearly see the finishing on the cold rolled race is much nicer than the one the cutting tool is able to do:


The depth difference is minimal, something around a .001" as you can see in the pictures bellow: