What Is "IKBS"
Cold Rolling
Ikoma and Korth
Korth - Rick Lala
Flavio Ikoma
Carving by Rudy Lala

Korth is Rick Lala’s trademark.

I started making knives full time in mid 1991, since then I have made several styles of knives, in 1999, I made my first tactical style folder, I have made various models until I started making balisongs in 2003, now I make balisongs, tactical folders and fixed blades, I have a solid partnership with Flavio Ikoma, and we are working together in several projects for the future.


Reptile folders with Rudy Lala carving work.


 I started making knives as a hobby when I was a kid in my Dad’s refrigerator repair shop (that is now my knife shop). I started making knives professionally in 1993 with the guys of Korth knives. At that time the knives I used to make was made to suit the Brazilian market, mostly kitchen stuff. In 1999 I attended my first Blade Show, and in 2000 started to take my knives to US. In 2003 I met Duane Weikum of EDC Knives (www.edcknives.com) that is currently my dealer for US.

Model Harrier "Dungeon" with Timascus Inlay.