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The IKBS was originally designed to fit in balisong knives, but because of its versatility it can be actually used in almost any kind of folding knife, mainly liner locks and frame locks.

Using bearings in balisongs is quite difficult because of its tight space in the pivot area, also this kind of knife is very susceptible to impact due to its high speed opening and closing, besides that, balisongs always have 2 pivot pins, meaning that the bearing system can not be too complex or expensive. 
The IKBS follows 2 basics:

An ordinary bearing is designed to rotate at high-speed for a long period of time and usually with some load applied on it, different conditions from the ones that the pivot pin of folders and balis present, so it was possible to eliminate bulky and complex pieces like the bearing races and cages, leaving just the steel balls that are the elements responsible for the rolling of the parts. To substitute the external bearings races, recesses are made in the titanium liners to hold the steel balls and the own pivot pin is used as the internal race. In ordinary roller bearings cages are used to separate the steel balls and avoid friction, increasing their life, something that in balis and folders are unnecessary, on the other hand the use of cages usually reduces the number of steel balls, decreasing the contact surface, what may cause deformation on the bearing races or on the steel balls in case of impact or torsion of the blade.

The steel balls are very inexpensive and can be easily replaced without the need of any adjustment, making the I.K.B.S. maintenance very easy. 


The size and number of the steel balls necessary for the I.K.B.S. to work properly is defined according to condition you have, the I.K.B.S. takes a very little space to be used allowing it to fit several kinds of folding knives like balisongs, frame and liner lock folders, auto folders and assisted opening folders. The kind of balls that can be used may range from inexpensive carbon steel balls to very expensive ceramic balls.  

IKBS is also adjustable, if any blade play occurs after some use, tightening the pivot screws can easily eliminate it.  

Characteristics of the system: 

Low maintenance need; 
Low production cost; 
Easily adjustable;
High rigidity with no blade play; 
Smooth operation;
High-speed opening; 
Low number of additional parts (only the ball bearings); 
High durability; 
Fits tight space; 
Possibility to be used in several kinds of folding knives without the need of great changes in the design. 

If you want to licence IKBS for your knives, please contact us.